zaterdag 21 november 2009

I am my best idea

This is part of my journal about my 40 day meditation marathon

Maybe I am my best idea.

This was a thought during my evening meditation.
Meditation can be painfully confronting with the working of the mind.
And my mind has many ideas. Great ideas. Such great ideas that I immediately want to act upon them. Want to post that new amazing course on my website. Want to invite my friends for that original party. Want to change the outline for my workshop to make place for that new, buzzing exercise.

I fully believe in my ideas. For a while. They can take me over. Until, paf, I awaken from them. After getting out of mu bubble I sometimes see my ideas are just air, sometimes they have potential.

Also during this evening meditation I was caught up in a new idea. Than I woke up and laughed. About this thought: that I am my best idea.

I saw a soul, a mind, an essence - however you call it- floating through the universe. A soul with a Great Idea: Lets have a life as a creative woman with a million ideas! And plop: there I was. Nanda. My soul's best idea.

Sometimes I awaken from this idea that I am. Than I can feel the essence of my soul. I float through creativity. Need no names. No ideas. No form. I am all ideas.

Teachers often said to me; the moment you REALISE that you're thinking, are moments you awaken. Short enlightenment's.

I am an idea where I can awaken from. To discover my real potential. Creativity.

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  1. Je dacht ik moet maar es even testen, want er komen helemaal geen reacties. Nee, ook ik niet, al lees ik wel alles over je meditatie marathon. Die tien minuten lijken mij wel wat, blijf ik vast wakker. Leny